1. My brother is ________ than my father.
    A   tall                           B   taller
    C   tallest                       D  the tallest

2. Kamal was happy because his English marks were __________ the
    top in his class.
    A   lower than                B   the lowest
    C   higher than               D   the highest

3. Can you get me a _______ bag?
    This one is too _______.
    A   smaller, biggest        B   small, bigger
    C   smallest, big            D   smaller, big

4. The postman came ______ hour ago.
    A   the                          B   an
    C   a                            D   -

5.   _______ old man standing at ________ door is my grandfather.
    A   An, a                      B   The, a
    C   An, the                   D   The, the

6. There are many aeroplanes at ________ airport because it is ______
    largest airport here.
    A   the, the                   B   an, the
    C   the, a                     D   an, a